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About Us

We're a close-knit group that enjoys designing with empathy, focusing on what matters, and exploring new frontiers.
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Dawn began as an experiment between three friends at the University of Wisconsin. With experience ranging from large tech companies to high growth startups, we found that by combining our skill sets, we could create digital products in a novel way.

We’re a small but versatile team. We're cross-disciplinary and believe that blurring the boundaries between design and engineering results in better products. This means working closely with each other, as well as with our clients. Frequent, intimate communication leads to us better understanding your needs and how to meet them.

While we sprung out of the midwest, today we're primarily a distributed team. At the moment, you’ll find us working out of Chicago and San Francisco. Outside of our client work, we enjoy giving back to the open source community along with dabbling in ventures of our own.


Even though we're just getting started, we think it's important to talk about the ideas that inspire us and guide our broader organizational aspirations.

From what we can tell, recent breakthroughs like the internet mean that fundamentally different connections, interactions, and systems are now possible, but not yet in place. This means we, as a society, are uniquely positioned in history to meaningfully impact the future. Dawn is our attempt to live that out.

While we're certainly still figuring things out, here are some principles that help guide our journey:

Technology as a means, not an end

With the immense pace of technological innovation, it can be easy to lose sight of the reason technology is valuable in the first place. Making sure our focus is correctly aligned requires taking a step back, striving to always keep in mind the people and communities we work to better.

Creation over disruption

Building something new means impacting the old; however, we think the pendulum has swung too far towards idolizing upheaval.

We know life demands working with imperfect information, but making a conscious, deliberate effort to think about the ways we affect the world is a step in the right direction.


Positive sums

We try to partner with organizations to foster relationships and build communities, combining our unique capabilities to accomplish more than either group could on their own. We believe lasting partnerships matter and that playing the long-game together yields compounding benefits.


Mike Fix
These days you will find Mike working with people over coffee in San Francisco.
Brian Dennis
Brian Dennis
As merely a wannabe outdoor enthusiast, Brian usually just has his head in a book somewhere inside.
Jake Dexheimer
Jake Dexheimer
Jake is probably either traveling, spending too much time on the internet, or missing his dog.