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Dash DAQ gauge component

Dash DAQ Components

Client: PlotlyTechnology: React, Python

Dash is the go-to framework for quickly publishing data visualization apps on the web. It's an open-source technology which makes data communication more accessible to those less familiar with programming. So naturally we were excited when Plotly approached us to build a suite of data-acquisition and control components for Dash.

Starting From Scratch Sketch

With a tight deadline, we jumped straight into mockup design in Sketch. The light theme was designed first to get the general component structure in place. For the dark theme, we decided to add some extra flair beyond just inverting the background colors, giving this components a futuristic presentation:

Dash DAQ components dark theme

A Lighter Touch

The components were build to support two themes, but with extensibility in mind. The light theme below underscores the emphasis on readability required for components that were to be used in a scientific context.

Dash DAQ components light theme


Dash DAQ resulted in a component suite that is as capable as it is beautiful. The project's design extended beyond the superficial, with a focus on making the developer experience as great as the interface itself through things like error-resistant, self documenting components.